The Winter Chip was a technology developed by CAPRICORN in order to stop the Brotherhood of Purity's plans to destroy humanity. It was designed to introduce a rapidly mutating computer virus into the Moon Child matrix, immune to identification by a virus hunter. Theoretically, it should corrupt the data files to the point where the station would be non-functioning and eventually crash.

CAPRICORN sent the Chip to Eva Schanzee hidden in a jade buddha statue while she was working in GRS. However the statue was taken from her when she was discovered and arrested by the cultists. It was discovered by Tex Murphy while he investigated in the abandoned GRS base.


Three of such chips were created. One was in the CAPRICORN building but was destroyed when it was bombed by the Crusade for Genetic Purity. The last one was given to Colonel Roy O'Brien and was hired to deliver it to Paul DuBois, a CAPRICORN operative, who would later give it to Eva Schanzee, a mole working for GRS, who travel to the Moon Child station.

However O'Brien realised that his life was in peril so he hid the Chip in a watch and left it for his old colleague, Tex Murphy. Indeed, the Colonel was assaulted in his office by Jacques Fou who inquired about the Chip, and in the process he was executed. The plans of CAPRICORN changed and after DuBois failed to meet the Colonel, Karl Voorman was tasked to locate it and deliver it to Schanzee.

Murphy received the watch from Rook's Pawnshop and wore it with him when he travelled to the Moon Child.

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