The following dates are mentioned in the Under a Killing Moon novelization, The Pandora Directive: A Tex Murphy Novel and Tex Murphy and the Tesla Effect. Events may occur differently than they were in previous games, or the earliest games, therefore they are given here separately.

The Poisoned Pawn and its upcoming sequels may explain why Tex Murphy's memories are fractured and why he may 'remember' multiple accounts, and even forgotten details of what really happened.

Basilius creates a lithograph of a painting displaying an allegorical path to enlightenment, filled with symbols: black raven, peacock, swan, pelican, lion, and eagle.
Interpol comes into existence as a records clearing house
c 1970
Margaret Leonard is born.[1]
Interpol rides the wave of the World Wide Web and becomes the international enforcer of Internet law
c 1980
Charles Johansson is born.[2]
March 4th
Tex Murphy is born[3][4]
c. 2007
McCovey is born[5]
Tex Murphy remembers himself and the babysitter watching The Maltese Falcon.[5]
Charles Johansson was diagnosed with ALS.[6]
Great-aunt Gertie passes away.[5]
Charles Johansson is put in a cryochamber, assumed dead.[6]
June 19
Chelsee Bando]] is born.[6]
c. 2017
Birth of Alaynah Moore.[5]
c. 2020
Techno-rap music rages.
Tex enter Roy O'Brien's agency
Tex is kicked out by O'Brien
Strike of '27. Murphy tries out for the Giants and finds himself up against overwhelming odds.
Tex dates Deborah Moore[5]
Alaynah stops wearing braces.[5]
First experiments with reanimating dead bodies.[6]
Martian Memorandum case.


Paul DuBois joins CAPRICORN
Under a Killing Moon case
Eva Schanzee pretends to support the eugenics movement.
August 14
Eva is approached by Murray, a project supervisor at GRS and a member of the Brotherhood of Purity. She learns that there are at least two cult members. She is invited to an initiation meeting next week.
August 17
Eva meets one of Marcus Tucker's assistants. She learns that Tucker doesn't trust most of his staff and has the project groups working separately. She tries to reach a work position to find out more.
August 20
Eva, Camden Leander and other 15 people (8 of them GRS eployees) visit Tucker's home for the ceremony.
Louie Lamintz starts running Tex a tab for the following 3 months.[5]
Tex and Sylvia Linsky are divorced. Tex undergoes the worst period of his life
Tex is hired by Countess Renier[5]
November 9
At the cult meeting, Eva learns that every non-cult member involved in the project must be eliminated.
November 19
Eva understands that the cult project is almost completed and plans on notifying the Colonel.
November 22
418 occupants are recorded in Maximum Security Zone 10 of the lunar penal colony.
November 23
Phoenix attends a cult meeting wearing a mask. He tells Eva that he hase a special place for he in the "new order". Eva decides to hold off on the delivery until she knows more.
December 1
Franco Franco gives to Tex the name of Eddie Ching[5]
The Colonel is assaulted in his office and abducted[5]
December 3
Tex approaches Alfonso and investigates Ching's building[5]
Eva learns that the Winter Chip was not delivered last night and is afraid for the Colonel.
December 5
Tex steals the statuette from Ching's apartment. He makes a rest at the Post-Nuclear Café but he is assaulted and the statuette is stolen from him[5]
Eva learns that the GRS phase is completed and the cultists are moving in two days for the Moon Child.
December 6
The City Bay Mirror publishes the Colonel's coded message
December 6-7?
Tex recovers 2 days later in Brownsville Regional Hospital
December 7
Tex visits the Countess' mansion, visits Lowell Percival Enterprises and has a failed date with Alaynah.
After a dinner at Brew & Stew he learns that the Colonel is dead and he is the suspect.
He breaks into the Colonel's office to find leads but is arrested.
He proves to Lt. Armon Drysdale that the Colonel was abducted by two strangers and is released.
GRS building is evacuated
December 8
Tex visits Melahn Tode to interrogate about the Colonel.
Tex visits the Gaslight Lounge
December 9
Tex visits Louie for a breakfast.
He watches The Big Sleep and The Maltese Falcon at the Bijou.
At 4:35 he leaves for LPE and Ally arranges a meeting for 3:00
Malden phones Tex saying that, strangely, nothing is found in the Countess' mansion, and that Interpol investigates the Colonel's disappearance.
Tex goes to Land Mine and meets Paul DuBois. Chaos erupts and DuBois is abducted. Returning home, he is interrogated by Agents Andrews and McCovey.
December 10
Tex wakes up after 11. Before 1:00 he visits Dr. Benjamin Perriman
He goes to his 3:00 appointment with Lowell Percival. As he leaves, the building is blown.
At 7:10 agents McCovey and Andews visit Tex and interrogate about the explosion
Tode calls Murphy showing him a personal ad directed to the Colonel
Tex goes to the San Francisco Public Library to research more on the coded messages.
December 11
Tex contacts Lemmer Kimbell to get leads for the GRS. He is redirected to the Department of Commerce and then to the Dun & Bradstreet reference publication. There, Tex finds a connection to the LPE.
Tex breaks into the GRS and finds the data chip left by Eva for the Colonel.
Eddie Ching with Lou and Felippe assaults Tex in his office. After talking about the cult they decide to join teams.
With Rook's help, Tex interprets the blue card and finds the watch and the Colonel's message to him.
December 12
Tex meets Ching at the New San Francisco Interplanetary Spaceport.
By 5 AM Karl Voorman flies them off the Earth.
The cure for ALS was discovered.


March 2050
Tesla Effect case
  1. Is stated to be 10 years older than Charles Johansson. (Tesla Effect novel)
  2. Stated to be 33 years when he died in 2013. (Tesla Effect novel)
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  4. Note: In UAKM-novel Tex's birth year is 2005?
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