This timeline describes events that are mentioned in Aaron Conners' works Under a Killing Moon, The Pandora Directive, Tex Murphy: Overseer and Tesla Effect, which seemingly contradicts the previous continuity. Note this timeline is influenced by Tex Murphy as an 'unreliable narrator' and Not everything is what it seems.

Note: Tesla Effect brings in references to the old and possibly multiple timelines depending on choices made through the game. The Poisoned Pawn is set to reimagine events from both Mean Streets and Overseer again and tell the 'true story' which supposedly will explain why there is a discrepancies between Tex's memory and Mean Streats, and also bring back Martian Memorandum back into relevance in the overall saga. Future information of this timeline can be found on Timeline (TPP) .


3113 BC
Beginning of the Mayan calendar
300 AD
Docetists found the Brotherhood of Purity by writing the Secret Doctrine
King Henry I the Fowler rules Britain.
13th century
Service of the Bishop of Bramberg
The Gregorian calendar is introduced to the Western civilization.
Tesla conducted experiments with resonance frequency.
The copper egg, "Egg of Columbus", unveiled by Tesla at the Chicago World's Fair.[1]

20th century

Tesla works on a teleforce beam aka Death Ray. The Tunguska explosion was a result of this.
c. 1943
J.T. Donnelly disappeared.
Nicola Tesla dies.
July 7
A secret operation begins to recover the wreckage and humanoid beings from the crashed object.
September 19
Nathan F. Twining and Vannevar Bush concede that the crashed disc was a reconnaissance craft
September 24
President Truman orders the composition of the Majestic-12 Group.
November 30
A group under Dr. Detley Bronk determines that the beings from the wreckage are not human.
May 22
James V. Forrestal dies.
August 1
Gen. Walter B. Smith replaces Forrestal in the Majestic-12.
Birth of Bruce Willis[2]
November 18
Adm. Roscoe Hillenkoetter gives a briefing about the Majestic-12.
Birth of Carl Linsky.
Birth of John Klaus
Thomas Malloy comes on board Project Blueprint to decipher the alien hieroglyphics.
Birth of Louie Lamintz[3]
Birth of Sonny Fletcher
Birth of Aaron Sternwood in Atlanta.
Birth of Bosworth Clark in San Manuel.
Birth of Val Davis.
Waterworld, a sci-fi classic, is released.
Malloy's deciphering work spreads throughout the Roswell Complex.
Things go really bad
Birth of Delores Lightbody.
Carl Linsky graduates from University of Minesota
September 24
Birth of Jim Slade.


Birth of Rona Morgan.
Colonel Dobbs hasn't had a good sleep since now[4]
North Hill Clinic is established.
Birth of Mick Flemm
John Klaus graduates from Ohio State University
Carl Linsky graduates from Harvard Medical School
Delores Lightbody is named Little Miss America.
March 4
Birth of Tex Murphy
Carl Linsky starts working at Boston General
CAPRICORN is established
Glenda Short and Arnold Sternwood marries.
November 21
Birth of Beek Nariz
John Klaus graduates from Stanford Medical School


Carl Linsky quits Boston General
John Klaus starts working as staff surgeon on North Hill Clinic
Carl Linsky marries.
Birth of Sylvia Linsky.
Arnold Sternwood graduates Georiga Tech, degree in business administration. He also starts working there.
Delores Lightbody is runner-up for Young Miss America.
Carl Linsky starts working at North Hill Clinic
Bosworth Clark attends Tucson Junior Collage
c. 2012
The Tesla Cache is stolen by FBI agent Charles Johansson.
Tex learns Tenderfoot Scout firestarter skills.[5]
Delores Lightbody enters Overeaters Anonymous rebab.
Birth of Blaine Werner
Bosworth Clark founds Remote Access, Inc
October 14
Birth of Eddie Ching[6]
Birth of Thaniel Murray
Birth of Chelsee Bando
Carl Linsky divorces.
John Klaus appointed Head Surgeon on North Hill Clinic
Maria Cartagena and Sonny Fletcher marries.
Matthew Gray and Val Davis marries.
August 14
Birth of Jen Lee
Arnold Sternwood becomes supervisor on Georgia Tech, and head of Administration at Cedar Sinai.
Bosworth Clark sells Remote Access, Inc to AT&T, and starts working at the latter.
Val Davis graduates University of San Francisco
July 22
Mick Flemm is charged for burglary and his sentence is suspended by the Juvenile Court.


c. 2020
A controversial therapy known as a Trance Inducer was developed. [7]
Val Davis starts working in U.S.F. biological research department
Bosworth Clarks starts the band The Consultants of Swing
October 31
Mick Flemm is charged for mail fraud. His sentence is suspended for a fine of $5000
c. 2023
Gordon Fitzpatrick is alienated with Thomas Malloy
Val Davis and Matthew Gray divorces.
Arnold Sternwood quits Georgia Tech.
April 15
Mick Flemm is charged for attempted extortion and is sentenced for 3 months in county jail
Harriet Wagner and Bosworth Clark marries.
Last time Tex attends a family reunion.[8]
Delores Lightbody graduates Wilson State Collage.
August 19
Mick Flemm is charged for petty theft and is sentenced 6 months in county jail
Tex Murphy talks to the Ethics Board about Dobbs. He tosses Tex Murphy out of the agency [4]
Birth of Boopo Wong.
Rona Morgan graduates UCLA
Gideon Enterprises is incorporated.
September 23
Mick Flemm is charged for burglary and sentenced 1 year in State Penitary.
Rona Morgan joins Gideon Enterprises.
December 1
Mick Flemm is charged for arson and attempted fraud and is sentenced 4 years


Delores Lightbody graduates Steve Young School of Law
Maria Cartagena dies
Tex's Lightning Bolt speeder is produced
Val Davis is appointed department head in U.S.F. biological research department
Law and Order Party is organized.
Dobbs decides to quit smoking and adopt a different lifestyle[4]
Sal and Francesca Lucido open the Slice O'Heaven pizza on Chandler Avenue.
Teeny-disks production stops
Blaine Werner graduates UCLA Medical School
Tex Murphy graduates University of Investigation of Utah, and receives investigator's license.
Arnold Sternwood accepts position as Director of North Hill Clinic.
John Klaus starts working for San Francisco General
Tex Murphy starts working for Dobbs Investigative Services
April 5
Mick Flemm is charged for Grand Theft Speeder and is sentenced 5 years.

_:Gideon Enterprises entered Fortiune 500

Rona Morgan leaves Gideon Enterprises.
ZoBell Industries releases my DOS 99.999
April 12
Gideon Enterprises went public
Tex Murphy quits Dobbs Investigative Services
Blaine Werner interned at North Hill Clinic for a short time.
Larsen Inc releases Perfect Word Document Viewer 2.8 for my DOS.
John Klaus retires
Tex Murphy receives personal business license
August 3
Project STG starts.
August 24
STG Goals/Milestones: Outline for Implementation of Interface
September 15
STG Goals/Milestones: Stage 1 Programming complete
October 6
STG Goals/Milestones: Stage 2 Programming complete
October 13
STG Goals/Milestones: Satellite Relay Link Established (Alpha)
October 26
Val Davis dies
October 27
STG Goals/Milestones: Completed Interface (Beta)
November 2
Rona Morgan dies.
November 8
Carl Linsky dies.
Events of Tex Murphy: Overseer
Sonny Fletcher dies.
November 7
Bosworth Clark dies.
November 10
STG is scheduled to end. (Milestone: Testing complete)
October 13
Mick Flemm is charged for importing illegal novelty items and is sentenced 3 years


c. 2040
Rusty the Clown opens Rusty's Funhouse
March 18
Margaret Leonard first assembled the Spirit Radio[9]
June 11
Margaret Leonard hears voices with the Spirit Radio[9]
September 26
Margaret Leonard almost has an accident and destroys the Spirit Radio[9]
Sapphire Bob Baggitt and Trixie move to San Francisco and found Sapphire Bob's Phone Pharm Services
The Black Arrow kills several people in Arizona. The bodies are found but the local police avoids bad publicity.
Rusty is murdered by Flemm
Rusty's Novelty Shop closes down after Rusty's "disappearance".
3 victims by The Black Arrow are found; this time the story breaks big
April 12
Margaret Leonard makes contact with her husband, but can't understand what he says.[9]
July 10
Eddie Ching is in a meeting concerning potential buyers of the statuette.
October 14
Ching's mother sends a fax with birthday wishes.
Sandra Collins starts working at the San Francisco Technical University as a research scientist.
November 4
Working for Paul DuBois, the Colonel uncovers information that GRS's project is funded by the Crusade for Genetic Purity
November 8
DuBois tells the Colonel that a secret cult is working with GRS to develop a superweapon but doesn't give more details
November 19
The Colonel meets Alayna Moore at the Roadside Motel who tells him that her life is in danger
November 23
With information from DuBois and Moore, the Colonel contacts CAPRICORN and learns about Eva Schanzee working undercover at GRS.
November 29
The Colonel delivers CAPRICORN's Winter Chip to Schanzee
December (early)
CAPRICORN's headquarters are blown up and agents are found dead
December 6
DuBois tells the Colonel that he uncovered information on the objectives of GRS, the cult and the Crusade, however he does not show up in the meeting place.
December 7
DuBois' and Schanzee's trails have vanished. The Colonel learns about the Chameleon
December 8
GRS is disbanded
December 10
The Colonel realises he is watched.
Flemm robs Rook's Pawn Shop.
Under a Killing Moon case.
December 11 (Day One)
Tex finds Mick Flemm.
Lowell Percival orders the Chameleon to use Tex to find the Habuh.
December 12 (Day Two)
Tex is hired by Countess Renier. He meets Franco Franco and then steals the statuette from Ching.
Chameleon mugs him at night, followed by Pug.
December 13 (Day Three)
Tex exposes Sal Lucido to his wife. She helps him find Pug, who sends him to the Colonel.
The Chameleon interrogates Dobbs for the chip and stubs him. Tex finds Dobbs wounded in his office.
Eddie Ching breaks into Tex's office and inquires about the statuette.
December 14 (Day Four)
Tex peruses the Colonel's logs. He visits Melahn Tode and Alaynah Moore.
He breaks into GRS and discovers the Winter Chip and learns about the doomsday.
The Chameleon visits Ally and abducts her.
December 15 (Day Five)
Tex kills Chameleon and rescues Alaynah. He then visits the Broken Skull and gains access to the Moon Child.
December 16 (Day Six)
Tex rescues Eva and they destroy the Moon Child
December 17 (Day Seven)
Sylvia returns to Tex.
January 28
David Wright invites Malloy to his cabin in Oregon
February 2
Margaret Leonard decipher three words using the Spirit Radio: Void, Return and Immortal.[9]
Golden Gate Hotel closes
Tex does not pay his rent payment to Nilo Paglio
Sandra Collins leaves San Francisco Tech.
March 3
Oliver Edsen writes a letter to Thomas Malloy.
March 4
Jackson Cross gives a special assignment to Agent Dag Horton on surveying Sandra Collins and Emily Sue Patterson
March 11
UFO convention in New San Francisco Convention Center[10]
April 8
Malloy posts 5 packages[11]
(second week) Fitzpatrick meets Tex and hires him to find Malloy
November 4
Margaret Leonard wonders if the Telsa Egg could amplify the power of the Spirit Radio.[9]
Desember 21
Margaret Leonard no longer hears Charles using the Spirit Radio. She wonder if Gideon Enterprises have revived him.[9]
An earthquake strikes San Francisco


Margaret Leonard is killed
February 11
The final recording of Margaret Leonard[9]
Lucy Luv appears as a calendar girl for March.
The events of Tesla Effect


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