Thaniel Murray was a young scientist working as project supervisor for GRS Genetic Disease Control project with Camden Leander and Eva Schanzee. He was a member of the Brotherhood of Purity. Seeing that Schanzee openly supported the Eugenics Movement, he contacted her.

However it was later found out that he was not as pure. He was executed, possibly as a result of experimenting the airborne virus on him.

His body was spotted floating in the San Francisco Bay by passengers on a whale-sighting scuttle. The body was recovered by police then sent to the City Coroner's office, followed by personal injury lawyer Walt Grimm. Bystanders reported that it was disfigured and contorted, but the cause of death had been listed as suicide.

Grimm reported that a quarantine was initiated for unknown reasons.


Eva mentions that one Murray was a member of the Brotherhood of Purity in the GRS and was the first to approach and invite her to join the cult.

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