This article or section refers to elements in the game Countdown, which is created by Access Software, but not part of the Tex Murphy universe.

CAD file
NameStephen Lucas
Code NameScorpio
Security ClearanceAlpha
Service Date5-82
PositionField Agent - Middle East division
Last EvaluationSuperior
Current StatusDeceased
Terminated in the line of duty by a car bomb explosion in Beirut 1-91. No specific terrorist organization has been tied to the killing.
Appears inCountdown

A famous agent of the Company. He retained a friendship with KGB agent Buzz Brezhnev. He had a relationship with Golden Desire.

At the later years of his career he became bitter and cynical.

He had worked with the Jackal under Juan Carlos del Obregon Ramirez but was nervous with him. The Jackal started asking him leading questions, whether the government gets too complacent. Six weeks later rumors appeared that he was to defect to the Soviets. He thought disappearing or he'd end in the Sanctuary.

He got an assignment in Lebanon. He went in a hotel to meet a man who had an information on a terrorist, but he never showed up. Scoprio went back to his car and disappeared in an explosion. He went into hiding and only Buzz knew his location.

On April he contacted Frank McBain about information he had picked up on Black December. McBain arranged a meeting with him and Mason Powers but he was killed that evening. Scorpio believed that he was killed by Powers but after his escape from the Sanctuary he and Brezhnev watched his movements.

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