Sandra Collins is a research scientist at the San Francisco Technical University but was working at AUTOTEC prior to her death. She was living in a middle clas area of the New City.She was killed by The Black Arrow Killer shortly after she left the San Francisco Tech.Shortly
  • A pair of photos of Sandra found in her killers office
  • Sandras home on the outskirts of San Fransisco
  • Sandra lays in her bed
  • Sandras room with her killer searching around
  • It is revealed that Sandra is already dead
  • Her killer covers her body
  • Sandras eyes staring blankly into her killers face
  • "Go Back To Sleep"
  • Forever at peace
  • Sandras bedroom
  • Sandras bed
  • A poster in room which a colour print of the Allen collection of Mayan art
  • A locket belnging to Sandra Collins
before being killed she arranged to meet Fitzpatrick to inform him about the wherabouts of his old friend and research partner Thomas Malloy.

She was murdered because it was believed that her close realationship to Malloy would have put in the position of having a puzzle box.When he investigates her home Murphy finds a security card to AUTOTEC which is linked to her killer revealed to be NSA agent Dag Horton.Tex found a pair of photos of Sandra alongside her locket inside the office of Dag.

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