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This article or section refers to elements in the game Countdown, which is created by Access Software, but not part of the Tex Murphy universe.

CAD file
NameRick Hagarty
Code NameJackal
Security ClearanceAlpha
Service Date12-75
PositionField Agent - Middle East division
Last EvaluationSuperior
Bold. Imaginative. Master of disguise a ruthless assassin.
Speaks fluent Arabic\Farsi.
Current StatusRetired
Retirement Date:9-20-91
Control Agent - Carlos Ramirez
Appears inCountdown

Jackal is a field agent of the Company without morals or scruples which made him an excellent assassin. Others consider him a psychopath who loves to talk about the killings he performs. He calls himself Angel of Death. He worked with Scorpio before he was killed.

After his retirement he joined Black December and was in charge of the Thunderbolt operation. He was board the Orient Express in Belgrade and deliver a second detonation device for the operation to Gina at Paris. In the process he killed Father Flanigan and was disguised as a priest.

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