The Remote Outpost is a location in Martian Memorandum. It is obtained by asking Michelle Bloodworth about the Oracle Stone, where she asks you to find her husband Nathan and convince him to turn himself over to the police.

When Tex Arrives, he sees Nathan critically injured, and pinned down by a pipe. Nathan is barely able to give a too-late alert of a trap. However, Tex Murphy was able to retieve an Interlock card, and escape by scavenging a Jet pack and rebreather.


  • Open the left door. Take the rebreather.
  • Open the metal box on the right. Take the card - this activates explosions.
  • Get the jet pack from the right door.
  • Head to the fire at the bottom-left, and use it to ignite the jet pack.

The explosions follow a fixed pattern. The most important one is near the right door - approach that door after you see the explosion, to obtain the jetpack.

The bottom of the screen appears to be a safe zone from explosions.


  • Returning to the remote outpost after leaving it causes Murphy to die (with the facility blowing up.)
  • You can't leave this location normally, even before the trap is triggered.
  • You can get Tools here, but these items are simply a red herring that occupies inventory space.

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