Raymond Mantus
Aliases«The one who prays»
Biographic Information
Died2050 (fall from Coit Tower)
FamilyDeceased wife
Deceased son[1]
Appears inTesla Effect
Played byTodd Bridges

Mantus is a Morlock found in Margaret Leonard's swamp house. He was one of the founding memebers of Tesla Legacy Society. As many other members, he agreed to die and be put in cryogenic sleep and later be reanimated. All this was for the greater cause of resurrecting Charles Johansson. As with most other morlocks, he has physical deformities, and needs medicine to cure his madness of the mind.

After Johansson was reanimated and took the role as the Translator, he stopped believe in his cause. On Johansson's orders Big Jim Slade killed all opposing members of the Tesla Legacy Society including Mantus' wife. The event sparked Mantus' quest for revenge, which he eventually gets when jumping onto Slade at the top of Coit Tower.


Mantus has an expanded plot in Tex Murphy and the Tesla Effect, where his first name is revealed to be Raymond. Lt. Danwicz arrests him for the murder of Margaret Leonard. Tex trades his medicine for a ten minute window to speak to him in private. Mantus then reveals the location of a Tesla Facility know as the Sanctuary.

He mentions the rebellion in the Tesla Legacy Society when Dalton Fiske (instead of Big Jim Slade), kills all who apposed working on the Immortal Coil. He witnessed Fiske personally killed his wife as well as his son.

Tex manages to persuade Count St. Germain to pay one million dollars of bail to get him out of prison. Mantus later joins up with Tex and retrieves the Tesla Egg for him.


  1. Mentioned in novel

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