This article or section refers to elements in the game Countdown, which is created by Access Software, but not part of the Tex Murphy universe.

Rachel Akure
CAD file
OtherAgent for "Mossad" (Israeli Intelligence)

Works closely with U.S. Agents on gathering covert data on middle eastern terrorist groups.

Office Location: Jerusalem Israel
NameRachel Akure
Appears inCountdown

Rachel Akure is an Israeli agent of Mossad. With her full mouth, high cheek bones and rich auburn hair She is notoriously sexy aong the field. She receives visitors holding her Uzi on her lap. She collaborated with US agents such as Frank McBain concerning terrorist groups such as the Black December and intercepted some messages concerning Operation Thunderbolt.

She accepts Mason Powers if he shows her McBain's dossier. She also sells him a dart of truth serum (sodium thiopental) to use against Etienne Fontaine.

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