Oliver Edsen is a researcher and associate of Thomas Malloy. In 2043 he resided in Sak Pakal Hotel doing
Oliver Edsen

Oliver Edsens body in the labyrinth

field work in Chiapa, Mexico. He corresponded with Malloy as Edsen helped him with his deciphering work. He also were fluent in Yucatec.

Malloy had sent him a letter with some symbols which had some similarities to Mayan codices Edsen had found.Edsen met an ancient local who drew for him ancient Mayan hieroglyphs. The local told him that he got them from the Birthplace, a holy ground which had been empty for centuries.Malloy also had a package sent to him but the owner of the Sak Pakal Hotel had it sent back to his apartment at Garden House as Oliver had gone missing recently and despite the fact that a search team was formed to find him he was never found and presumed dead.While navigating the labyrinth in the Mayan Temple Tex finds his body under a pile of boulders.Its is likely he fell victim to one of the traps there.

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