Nitro Stalker
Aliases«Cryo Killer»
Biographic Information
GenderMale (presumed)
DiedApril 19, 2049
Appears inTesla Effect (mentioned only)
Tex Murphy and The Case of the Nitro Stalker

The Nitro Stalker was a murderer who killed his victims with a freeze gun. He claims that the world rejected him and made him an outcast. He was bullied as a kid, probably because of his glasses. The NSFPD knows of twelve victims seemingly selected at random. The victims includes a doctor, a teacher, a morlock, a school kid and a cop from Mac Malden's department. Dozens more victims are however found in his hideout for his diorama.

Tex Murphy is able to track him down with the help of Archie Ellis' new gizmo bought at the Electronics Shop, and Taylor LaMintz's knowledge. Tex Murphy kills the Nitro Stalker with his own freeze gun.

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