Mutant was a category of those people who were affected by the radiation of the World War III, distinguished from the Norms. Mutants became a new check box on the census form to classify war veterans for benefit purposes.

Their children were born into the same classification. By the third generation, Mutants were beginning to make up a substantial portion of the population. By 2015 a group of Mutants led by Robert Bloodworth established the first colony on the Martian ruins in Valles Marinaris. Cooper Bradbury and his followers believed that the planet belongs to mutants, and wished to get hold and nationalize all enterprises on Mars and drive the Norms back to earth.

However this resulted in genetic discrimination to replace the racial discrimination from before the War. Such sentiments were expressed in various right-wing organizations which considered Mutants as freaks of nature. Law and Order and Crusade for Genetic Purity were some of them.

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