Mordecai Josephus
ProfessionWorks at Inspector Burns BBQ
Biographic Information
Appears inTesla Effect
Played byTravis Eberhard

Mojo is a huge fan of Tex Murphy, and seems to know a lot about him. Unlike Tex, he is very technical, and Louie refers to him as a computer whiz. Mojo works at Inspector Burns BBQ, presumably as a clerk, but he advices against eating anything there. He's good friends with Archie Ellis.

Tesla Effect

He agrees to decrypt the encrypted memory stick for Tex. However he want something unique in return. Since he is a major Tex-fan, he demands an artifact form a previous case: the liquid nitrogen Freeze Gun. It originates from a madman known as the Nitro-Stalker. Tex has to retrieve this item from the Nights Templar.

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