Flemm (played by Jay Richards) is the two-bit crook who did some robberies. He was born in 2003 and when he was 15 years old he was charged for burglary; his sentence was suspended by the Juvenile Court. In 2022 he was charged for mail fraud and his sentence was suspended for $5000. The next year he was sentenced 3 months in county jail for attempted extortion. In 2025 he was sentenced 6 months for petty theft. In '27 he was sentenced 1 year in State Pen for burglary. The next year he was sentenced 4 years for arson and attempted fraud. In 2033 he was sentenced 5 years for Grand Theft Speeder. In 2038 he was sentenced 3 years for importing illegal novelty items with Rusty the Clown.

Flemm killed Rusty in a vat of acid when Rusty crossed him (perhaps he was arrested and tried to make Flemm take the fall). After Rusty's disappearance, he was afraid of clowns and one time he thought he saw Rusty's ghost haunting him. One night he was drunk, he confided his fears to Beek Nariz.

In late 2042 he operated from the Acme Warehouse and started a series of thefts, often helped by a female associate called "Ema Nymton", who hocked a valuable piece of jewelry in a pawn shop, and then Flemm broke into the shop and retrieved it. In the course of 3 weeks he broke into 10 pawn shops, including Zippy Cash and Rook's Pawn Shop. Most of his victims were mutants and the police was criticized for not taking any action, but as Mac Malden admitted, they were baffled by the lack of evidence.

After gathering information on him from the residents of Chandler Avenue Tex Murphy deduces his identity with the Crime Link system. Beek Nariz tells Tex where Flemm can be found, and that he suspects him for Rusty's disappearance.

Flemm scared

Seeing Rusty's ghost

Using an animatronic doll of the clown, Tex makes Flemm believe that he was back from the dead. Flemm gives himself up to the police and confess to both Rusty's murder and the series of robberies around Chandler Avenue. He promises to reunite with Tex to "thank him" once he is released.


  • Race: Norm, Caucassian
  • Blood type: AB-
  • Shoe size: 14
  • Hair color: Carrot
  • Eyes: Bright green
  • Weight: 600 pounds
  • Tattoo: Anchor on arm

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