Melahn Tode
Biographic Information
Residence6935 South Circle, San Francisco
Appears inUnder a Killing Moon
Played byShannon Engelman

Melahn Tode is a vain and dull bimbo who had an affair with the Colonel Dobbs. They planned for a vacation to Bermuda.

She often heard him mentioning a Chameleon, but she thought he meant "a million".

When the Colonel was fearing for his life, he had sent her via UPEX some coded documents so that they would not be found in his office. He told her to open the package only after something happens to him. Melahn opened it anyway and was much disappointed since it contained only a useless key.

Tex Murphy found her name in a card she had sent to the Colonel.

In the novel

She had long legs, long blond hair and light blue eyes. Her residence was the Knickerbocker building near Oakland.

She had been picked up twice for soliciting and once for possession. After getting suspended sentences for all of them, she was on probation.

Around mid-2042 she was associated with Colonel Roy O'Brien. Although he did say nothing about his cases, the two planned to retire and leave together near the end of December.

She was visited by Tex Murphy who was investigating the missing of the Colonel. She was devastated to hear that the Colonel was perhaps murdered and she allowed him to see some of his belongings.

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