Martian landscape

Mars is the planet who is near Earth. It was inhabited by an ancient civilization but 80 million years ago an astronomical disaster ripped away the atmosphere causing the extinction of the Martians. Their legacy was the Oracle Stone as a gift to future races that may exist on the planet.

Interest to terraform Mars already begun in 1989. By 2015 a group of Mutants led by Robert Bloodworth established the first colony on the ruins in Valles Marinaris and discovered the Stone. However when the Stanton Expedition came for archeological exploration and learned about the existence of the Stone, they massacred the colonists.

The following years the TerraForm Corp was founded to oversee the terraforming process and exploit the natural silicon deposits of the planet. TMS is the only commercial way to visit Mars with routes every six weeks.

Early constructions on the planet were grey, drab and massive, constructed mostly of titanium and pieces of the cargo ships that brought the materials to the planet.

A cult led by Deacon Hawke admired the superior ancient civilization; having occupied the Martian Temple they opposed human activities on Mars and advocated that humans should learn from them.

A mutant faction led by Cooper Bradbury believed that since the first colonists of Mars were mutants, the planet belongs to mutants, and wished to get hold and nationalize all enterprises on Mars and drive the Norms back to earth.


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