A lunar penal colony was built on the moon. It was manned by a crew of about a dozen people. Each area is color-coded as as minimum, medium, and maximum security. There were at least ten Maximum Security Zones, prisoner caps with dozens of cameras. MSZ 1 had 418 occupants.

The complex consists of domes, connected with transport tubes. Around the dome perimeters there are interior corridors, with doors that lead to the interior rooms of the domes. Monorail compartments traverse the tubes connecting the domes. The compartments have two rows of facing seats and windows all around.

The op-center is an empty room with computer consoles, stations and monitors displaying layouts, camera views, records, inventories and other data. There are four exits that leads to the tubes and other domes. A typical room has a high transparent wall of Plexiglass from the interior of a garden biosphere.

Tex Murphy and Eddie Ching learned from Eva Schanzee's data, that the Brotherhood of Purity would move to the colony as preparation of the Great Alluvion. They decided to join forces and confront the cult themselves. In reality, the Brotherhood tested a virus developed by the GRS using the prisoners as test subjects, before dispensing it ino the atmosphere by satellites. The prisoners as well as the crew were killed, and GRS research scientists were executed, as they were no longer needed.

Ching arranged for some connections to get them a passage to the colony without clearance. They gathered at the New San Francisco Interplanetary Spaceport and met Karl Voorman who transported them Tex, Ching, Lou and Felipe, to the moon in a shuttle-cruiser.

The complex seemed deserted and the shuttle had to land outside, and the team used space suits to break into the op-center. They found it abandoned and explored the 3 unlabelled areas. Wearing a rebreather, Tex reached a shut-down section. Through a broken door he saw whole families of dead prisoners, and GRS employees that were shot. There he found about the Brotherhood's plans to eradicate the population of Earth with a virus, and assumed that the destruction would originate from the Moon Child.

Meanwhile, Voorman revealed his double role and called cultists to intercept the team. They found Ching and her men, but she managed to warn Tex with her communicator. Tex exited through an emergency exit along the dome's outer corridor. He attempted to jump over the exterior of the tube to the shuttle and escape, losing his gun in the process. He was caught up by 4 thugs, who trapped Ching and her men inside to die. Tex hid in the toilet where he was discovered by Brody. Thus he was taken to the Moon Child as a prisoner.

Behind the scenes

The lunar adventure and Ching's fate don't appear in the game. Tex goes to the Waystation instead.

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