Lola Lovetoy
Biographic Information
Mean Streets information
NAV codeNC 4603
Appears inMean Streets
Played byUnknown

Lola Lovetoy works at her club in NC4603. Tom Griffith hired her to keep an eye on Frank Schimming whether he knew or cared about Griffith's plans in MTC and Overlord. Lovetoy went to entertain and keep him occupied at NC4605; however she was bored of him talking all the time about himself and called the arrangement off. Robert Knott sent Big Jim Slade to kill her as she knew too much.


Lola Lovetoy 100
Tex Murphy 100
Gideon Enterprises 200
J. Saint Gideon 200
Robert Knott 200
Overlord 200
Tom Griffith 500
Frank Schimming 500
MTC 500
Law and Order 500