1. Johnson & Johnson assorted edible bandaids: at Linsky's warehouse.
  2. Non-corrosive stainless steel Sink & Drain. (Cal Davis)
  3. Precious Metal Inc. galium arsenide bars
  4. Zippy's 12-inch pizza (Ron Morgan)
  5. Doctor Don's 100% non-radiated orange juice
  6. Rolex 'Submariner' watch
  7. Lazy-Boy comfort recliner 2000
  8. women's lingerie from Fredericks of Hollywood
  9. Samsonite Travel Master suitcase
  10. Rope Burn post-nuclear piece of art
  11. Inflatable Companion the loser's friend
  12. Serta #717A circular 'Love' bed
  13. G.E. Fusion generator model FG/200B 200-MW output
  14. Panasonic model 3416 answering machine
  15. Sears Craftsman tool box and turbo-power drill