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This article or section refers to elements in the game Countdown, which is created by Access Software, but not part of the Tex Murphy universe.

Lisa Loomis
CAD file
NameLisa Loomis
Security ClearanceAlpha
Service Date4-88
PositionIntelligence Officer - Middle East division
Last EvaluationExcellent
An aggressive, sharp, troubleshooter. Handles her position with competence and authority. chance of continued advancement is excellent.
Current StatusActive
Stationed at CIA office, Istanbul Turkey
Appears inCountdown

Lisa Loomis was an ambitious agent of the Company, and former fiancee of Mason Powers but things did not work out as Mason did not share her aggressiveness.

When Mason escaped from the Sanctuary, he tried to arrange a meeting between him and Jack Quinn.

After Mason located Scorpio, she sent him a message to meet her at Rome. There, she told him where to find Jack Quinn, and to bring back Hakeem Ababash.

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