Larry Hammond in Mean Streets

In Mean Streets Larry Hammond (Freak Town, NC4935) is a freak with two heads (his brother is called Darrell) and is a computer expert with an IQ over 300. He is friend of Ron Meat and Wanda Peck. He did some computer work for J. Saint Gideon at MTC although he didn't like freaks. A year ago, Tom Griffith hired him to design the Nexus network, a computer and 8 terminals for the Overlord project. His colleague, Cal Davis told him what this was about.

When he heard about Davis' death, he went into hiding in an old warehouse. He had a grey passcard and his password was "King" but it was stolen by Law and Order.

He told Tex Murphy about the Overlord project and gave him leads to Jerome Milbourne, Ed Bradley and Arnold Dweeb, accounting people at Gideon Enterprises.

LarryHammond (1)

Larry Hammond and his now "not quite dead" sibling during the events of the Martian Memorandum case

The following years he moved to Mars and had some business with Lowell Percival. He also worked for Thomas Dangerfield on a magnetic field generation system for his nuclear powered reactor.

Time was not kind to him and his brother. At one point he requested Dr. Lawrence Barkley to remove the "growth" from his shoulder but he declined.

Tex met him again next to Big Dick's Casino. Larry gave him an amulet that would allow him access to the Martian Temple and the address of Nathan Bloodworth.

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