Larry Hammond
Larry Hammond
ProfessionIT technician
Biographic Information
RaceNorm in Overseer
Appears inTex Murphy: Overseer
Tesla Effect (mentioned only)
Played byClint Howard in Overseer

Larry Hammond is a grey skinned human marked with a few scars.

Hammond anonymously contacted Tex Murphy revealing that University of San Fransisco professor Val Davis who was working on the STG project alongside Carl Linsky, died last week. He tells Tex to “Look for the chess move” at the lab and to get there within the next hour or the doors will lock.

Tex receives another videocall from the informant asking if he got the chess move, which Tex confirms. He also states that he will meet up with him when it is safe to do and to find out about Greg Call and his secret base of operations.

Meeting Hammond

Meeting Hammond

At the lab Larry shows up and reveals to be another member of the project. He explains that none of the project members knew each others names and were designated to working on their specific area of the design independently. He gives him the passcard STG-B ad two notes sent to him from Greg inside a envelope labelled WARD.

His business card is found in Carlos Maldonado's office in 2050. Tex comme te he is not actually a mutant, but he sure looks like one.

Behind the scenes

Larry is derived from an earlier character/s Larry and Daryll Hammond from Mean Streets and Martian Memorandum.

It's worth noting from a game development standpoint if not cheonological standpoint that Larry is shown with two heads in his first appearance, the second head is decomposing by his second appearance, and gone by his subsequent appearances.

Brother Daryll was never an important character to begin with, and it's possible he was left out of Tex's retellings (unreliable narrator) for effect. Of course it also possible how those who have met or know of him him in years following Martian Memorandum think of him.

On the other hand Larry has gone another evolution of sorts narratively in that he started out as a Mutant, but is now just a very disfigured human according to Tesla Effect. Granted in Tex Murphy mythos it wouldn't be the first 'freak' who has undergone a physical changes (or surgeries) in an attempt to hide their 'mutations' and present themselves as 'norms'. Even Chelsee Bando falls into this category (as having limited mutations of unknown type), when she is first introduced in UaKM, but plot point is seemingly dropped by later games (to be retconned that she was a norm adopted by mutants according to Tesla Effect).

The reason for his missing head in overseer was mostly likely due to budget or technological restraints which limited the use of fancier makeup and masks (or 'photoshopping') used in previous games.