Karl Voorman is a shuttle-cruiser pilot, perhaps a smuggler as Tex Murphy surmised.

He wore a full jet-black beard. A man of actions, not words, he avoided talking and spoke begrudgingly with a low and sullen voice. His dark, sunken eyes gave him a distinctly sinister look.

In reality, Voorman was a CAPRICORN agent working against the Brotherhood of Purity. When the Moon Child station was in the last stages of construction, he posed as a freighter pilot who supplied the station, in order to infiltrate the operation and thus served as CAPRICORN's most valuable source of information on the cult's activities.

After Paul DuBois failed to receive the Winter Chip and deliver it to Eva Schanzee, Voorman was supposed to find and deliver the Winter Chip to Eva.

Eddie Ching called for some favors and Voorman was suggested for her. She and Tex Murphy met him outside the New San Francisco Interplanetary Spaceport to arrange an illegal flight to the moon. She insisted that there be no questions asked and offered him a handsome payoff for his silence.

During the flight Voorman didn't join the company and sat in the cockpit and read. One hour before landing, he showed the team a map with the moon installations and gave them 8 hours to do their job.

Once there Voorman had arranged with Brody and other 2 thugs to stop them. Indeed they succeeded in capturing Ching with Lou and Felipe but did not find Tex. Voorman led his men to his shuttle o fly for the Moon Child and Brody discovered Tex hiding in the lavatory. Voorman forbid Brody to shoot Tex as this would damage the shuttle.

After they landed in the Moon Child cargo bay, Voorman once more saved Tex by telling the men to go outside while he finishes some job. When he was about to talk to Tex, he had already loosened his bonds and hit him with an empty bottle. Unknowingly that he was an ally, Tex then tied him up and left him in the shuttle.

Voorman was then discovered and caught by guards. Claude Sheppard presented him on the stage during his oration and was booed by his followers. Then he was taken out of sight, presumably for execution.

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