Chameleon (real name believed to be Jacques Fou) was a mercenary and assassin hired for specialized hits. He was a master of disguise and his fingerprints have been surgically removed. He smoked French Gitanes and although a professional assassin, he forgot cigarette butts behind.

He posed as Countess Renier and hired Tex Murphy to retrieve the bird statuette from Eddie Ching's vault and bring it to her.

On December 1 he visited the Colonel Roy O'Brien and teortured him requesting to know about the Winter Chip. The Colonel suspected Fou to be behind te bombing of the CAPRICORN headquarters. Fou abducted him and later sliced his throat with a razor. The abduction was seen in the video disc stolen by Tex Murphy, and recognised by Interpol agents.

On the Moon Child he had the guise of a bald guard. He watched as the traitor Tex Murphy was brought to a detention chamber and when the Phoenix ordered his execution, he approached to kill him with a TSC. However Eva Schanzee shot him down and took his access card.

His body was disposed to a waste bin, along with an unfortunate security guard.

After the destruction of the station, Interpol rewarded Tex with $10000.

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