The Habuh is an ancient bird statuette of mystical powers, the talisman of the Brotherhood of Purity. It was
  • The Habuh
  • The Countess Ranier who seeks possession of the Habuh.
  • The Habuh being held up by a Brotherhood Of Purity cultist
  • The Habuh in a stained glass window
  • Eddie Ching the current owner of the Habuh
  • The Habuh surrounded by laser in Eddie Chings safe
  • The Habuh no longer surrounded by lasers
  • Tex stealing the Habuh
crystaline and 16" tall.Its usage and purpose was unknown but he cult considered it necessary to proceed to the fulfilling of their prophecies. As the Secret Doctrine teaches that the Earth is wrapped in layers of etheric forces, vril (a form of energy) may be derived from them. Theorists speculated the Habuh served as the controller to channel vril in order to be useful and manipulate the astral plane, or tap into the telluric currents that form a grid over the etheric body.

Habuh means hawk in Old High German.


One of the most ancient artifcts in the world, its exact age is unknown. During the 1940s it disappeared, presumably taken by the Nazis. Then a man in Vienna suddenly found it in an attic and donated it to a museum in Vienna. Immediately, a race was on to see who could steal it first. Private collectors offered astronomical amounts for it. Eddie Ching got her attention to it.

While it was kept in a museum, an accomplished acquaintance managed to snatch the statuette. He contacted Ching who compiled a list of potential buyers and collected bids, the highest of which was close to a trillion. Interessants included R. Danville, A. G. Coleman, P. Garbet, E. O'Connor, Mme. LaTinue, H.Lunz and Duke Alforno. Of course Lowell Percival was one of the bidders on behalf of the cult.

However Ching was contacted by CAPRICORN who warned her about its significance for the cult. Ching was sceptical but eventually came to believe what she heard and decided to hold onto it while realizing that the cult was getting desperate to find it, wanting to fulfill their prophecy.

The Chameleon under the guise of Countess Renier contacted Tex Murphy and tasked him to find it, supposedly stolen from her. Having broken into Ching's building he located it. However he was not able to deliver it to the "Countess" and collect his reward, as the Chameleon assaulted and took it to the cult.