Golden Gate Hotel Tesla Effect

Golden Gate Hotel in 2050

The Golden Gate Hotel was once known as the "Waldorf of the Pacific", located at the end of Chandler Avenue. Nobody used to live inside but Ardo Newpop worked the front desk.

Golden Gate Pandora

Golden Gate in 2042

Regency Escort Services had a Love Suite penthouse complete with a password-locked security panel, jacuzzi room and a Larsen Grand Piano. Sal Lucido used to go out with go girls and play twister with them. Tex Murphy got past Ardo and found evidence for his cheating in order to get some information from Francesca Lucido.

Around February '43 the hotel was closed down, as it was a fire trap, and the owners planned to fix it up. Behind and around the building there is an alley where Crazy Gary would give his sermons.

By 2050, the hotel had been reopened, and Holly Graham worked there as a receptionist.

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