Mean Streets

Gideon Corporation (NC4650) is a large local San Francisco company involved with the development of high tech computer and electronic surveillance equipment, and also high tech secret work for the government.

It was founded in 1997 by J. Saint Gideon alongside a group of humans and mutants including Greg Call. After he retired, he turned the reigns over to Executive Vice President Frank Schimming as President and Chairman of the Board after a coup d'état of sorts.

Vanessa faxes a newspaper article stating:

Gideon Enterprises, a local San Francisco Corporation <NC4650> has announced that they have received a 500 million dollar government contract to develop 3 new surveillance satellites for the government. Gideon specializes in the development of high tech computer and electronic surveillance equipment. The company was founded in 1997 by J. Saint Gideon. Mr Gideon is now retired and has turned the reign over to Mr. Frank Schimming, who is president and chairman of the board.

Overseer and Tesla Effect

Gideon Enterprises were incorporated in 2027 by Company President J. Saint Gideon. It specialized in developing and installing high-tech security systems. It went live April 12, 2045.

Years later Dalton Fiske became the manager, after he had freed Big Jim Slade from prison. The company spearheaded the research into the Tesla Cache done primarily by Margaret Leonard. When she refused to revive Charles Johansson, the company hired Mason Bauers to do it.

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