GRS is a company owned by the Brotherhood of Purity. The office complex is located in the heart of New San Francisco. They did genetic research such as mutations and viruses and hired only the best young scientists although some noted there was always something mysterious and secretive. Some of the people were members of the Crusade for Genetic Purity.

When the project neared completion, many employees who knew too much and did not belong to the Cult, were eliminated, while others evacuated to the Moon Child. The company was eventually disbanded, and the building was kept in the custody of lethal security probes.

Genetic Disease Control


Floor plan of the 4rth subterranean level.

Genetic Disease Control was led by Marcus Tucker, located on the 4rth subterranean level. The project's objective was the developing a specific artificial viral strain, for the treatment of respiratory ailments (bronchitis, asthma etc.). Their real objective was the development of a lethal airborne virus that would bring the Great Alluvion. 30 people were working in that project

Marcus Tucker's office had a big safe that opens by a voice-activated access panel, and DNA scanner. There he hid a VCR with DuBois' execution, a message he received from the Brotherhood, and a buddha statue confiscated from Schanzee.

The Project Supervisor's Office was the office of Eva Schanzee, Camden Leander and Thaniel Murray. Eva had a spare access card to her computer. The office contained a High Security Area where Eva's confiscated log mini-disc was kept.

The Conference Room contained a large conference table and a big video screen, operated by a VCR equipment. The walls were adorned with portraits of company officials.

The R&D Office contained the personal area of Paul DuBois with his terminal, operated with an access card.


According to the Dun & Bradstreet reference book, Genetic Research Systems was located in Sacramento. It was one of six subsidiary companies belonging to Western States Pharmaceuticals. The reference book was not clear as to what the company's purpose. Lowell Percival was listed as a donator to the corporation.

It was made up of six smaller groups.

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