Frank Schimming
Frank Schimming
ProfessionPresident of Gideon Enterprises
Biographic Information
RaceNorm, Caucasian
Mean Streets information
NAV codeNC 4650 (Gideon Enterprises HQ)
Appears inMean Streets
Tex Murphy: Overseer
Played byJohn Gavigan in Overseer
Unknown in Mean Streets

Mean Streets


Frank Schimming as he appears in Mean Streets

A ruthless egomaniac and Executive Vice President of Gideon Enterprises, he tossed J. Saint Gideon through some vicious internal politics and became President and Chairman of the Board.

Gideon noted that Schimming view the Corporation as a company and not an institution. He wanted to pay him back.

Several characters describes him as an arrogant son of a bitch. A rumor has it that he once put a live bunny in the paper shredder.


In a similar way, Frank Schimming pulled a coup on J. Saint Gideon. His direct line number is 015-4483.