Francesca Lucido

Francesca "Franny" Lucido is a Sicilian. She married Sal Lucido in a very young age and they opened the Slice O'Heaven Pizza Parlor on the Chandler Avenue in 2032. They had a love-hate relationship with Sal's drinking and womanizing. She is now an older woman who fights constantly with her creep husband.

Ardo Newpop visits the Slice O'Heaven pizza for the all-you-can-eat buffet but since he almost eats everything they got, Francesca Lucido kicks him out. She used to flirt Tex Murphy but her girlish flirting has become less effectve with age. She knows that Sal keeps some hidden money and would divorce Sal unless he hadn't two lawyer friends. She had gone through his things but never found anything about the girl he was seeing except a coded message she suspected.

When Tex was mugged by Pug, Fran approached to see if he is OK and told Sal to take him back to his office. Sal told her to keep quiet. However Fran would tell him more if he found some proof about Sal's cheating.

When he returned pictures of her husband having an erotic game of Twister with Chastity, she revealed the events of the previous night to Tex.

Soon she got a divorce from Sal and closed the Pizza Parlor around 2043 and went to rent a condo in Miami Beach while dating Julio, a young stud.

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