Ferrel Pus

Ferrel Pus was a member of the Brotherhood of Purity. A man of a harsh and gravelly voice with the odor of cigar, fish and alcohol, he was an associate of the Broken Skull in the Waystation and waited for Cultists on their way to the Moon Child. Possibly he was a shuttle pilot. He was warned about Tex Murphy and was told to slit open his throat. He was armed with a Lester Flame Rod.

He expected the Chameleon at the Broken Skull and was surprised to see Tex coming alone, not being apprehended by the Chameleon. As killing him would have no sport, he offered him a lethal game of Ferrelette, allowing him a chance to go to the Moon Child. He was furious when Tex managed to pick up the ticket all four times.

He agreed to have Tex come with them to the Moon Child but he played a final trick: he told him to ask the "house special" from the bartender.

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