This article or section refers to elements in the game Countdown, which is created by Access Software, but not part of the Tex Murphy universe.

Farouk Hashish
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NameFarouk Hashish
Appears inCountdown

An alcoholic Turkish doctor who got his diploma from the Istanbul Correspondence School of Psychiatry. He used to be a succesful surgeon but his drinking grew the mortality rates.

He lost his licence and the Company employed him as the chief medical officer of the Sanctuary, although sometimes he doubted his own sanity.

He is the only one of the 'employees' who is not living in the facility. He drives a 1983 Ford Thunderbird.

Count 005

Hashish receiving Powers

He tended Mason Powers when Jack Quinn brought him there with orders to keep him there until further notice.

Independent contractor Fontain offered Hashish 5000 dollars to take him out of the way and report that he died in surgery implications. He was going to meet him in Cairo.

Powers threatened Hashish with a scalpel and got Fontaine's name.

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