The Electronics Shop opened around December 2042 on Chandler Avenue. Its manager was Hamm Underwood. Its door opened only by members who owned its credit card and sold overpriced junk, such as a Rodent Tracker 8000 and Plasma Balls. The owners of a Blue Card could buy only from the Blue Light Special Box.

Tex Murphy had received a pre-approved credit card application, addressed to the previous occupant of his apartment. Nonetheless he posted the application and received the Blue Card the next day.

On Day 2 Tex visited the shop. By coincidence, Tex always needed only what the Blue Light Special Box contained every time. He bought a "new" fax machine to replace his broken one, and then a Laserblade 2000 to break into Knickerbocker, a PhotoMatic Pro to develop Sal Lucido's private photographs.

Because he talked too much, Underwood was "removed" and replaced by Zack Williams.

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