Deacon Hawke
ProfessionHigh Priestess of the Martian religion
Biographic Information
Height6 feet
Eye ColorAzure blue
ResidenceMartian Temple (formerly)
Appears inMartian Memorandum
The priestess of the Martian Temple. She tries to teach the ancient Martian ways to elected people. She opposes development on Mars and advocates separation from Earth.

When she first met Tex Murphy he told him that he will receive his answers when the light returns to its source.

When she was threatened by a henchman of Big Dick Castro who was looking for the Oracle Stone, Tex Murphy saved her life by diverting the brute's laser fire with mirrors. She then told him the story about the Stone and gave him the location of the ancient ruins at Valles Marinaris.

Hawke w stone

After Tex and Alexis Alexander got the Stone from Thomas Dangerfield, they decided that Hawke should be the one to give it. As they gave her the stone, she absorbed it and disappeared in a flash of light.