ProfessionPolice Lieutenant
Biographic Information
Appears inTesla Effect
Played byLarry Thomas

The new lieutenant of New San Francisco Police Department, Lt. Danwicz has had his eye on Tex for a very long time and treats Tex as a notorious vigilante of sorts. He replaced Mac Malden, and has made sure that crime in Old San Francisco is prioritized just as much as crime in New San Francisco.

Tesla Effect

Tex Murphy is arrested and interrogated by Danwicz when found together with the body of Carlos Maldonado. A few days later they meet again when he is found in another crime scene: The headless body of Margaret Leonard. At this time he installs some software on Tex's Smart Alex. He also arrests Tex after he solves the tesla case, but his success depends on what game path the player is on.


Lt. Danwicz is played by actor Larry Thomas, who is known for his role as The Soup Nazi in Seinfeld.

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