Tex confronts Dag on the rooftop

Dag Horton (played by Aaron Conners) is an N.S.A. agent posing as the Black Arrow Killer as part of a secret plan known only to Dag and Jackson Cross. The murders he commits baffle the authorities, because the real Black Arrow Killer supposedly hung himself in a Nevada jail cell years ago. Dag had killed Sandra Collins and raided her room because he believed she was given a box from Malloy.He does however steal her locket.When he discovers the identity of Malloys wife he puts surveillance equipment in the water tower on Rusty's funhouse so he can easily spy on Emily's dressing room at the Fuschia Flamingo from there.After investigating Malloys room at The Ritz Tex is knocked out by Dag and eventually misses out on a dinner date with Chelsee.When he receives the key to Rusty's funhouse he enters it after seeing someone on the roof after talking to Lucia Pernell.Here Tex finds a link to AUTOTEC in the form of a ripped up photo and a cufflink with the initials "D.H." in a jacket.After infiltrating AUTOTEC Tex finds Dag's office and finds surveillance photos of Emily and a key to the water tower on the roof of the funhouse .When he finds a post-it-note with the Gary Lee,Tex discovers that Crazy Gary is working as an informant keeping track on any boxes going in and out of the Fuschia Flamingo.Tex after briefly seeing him on the roof of Rusty's Funhouse discovers the surveillance equipment hidden there and discovers that Dag is about to attack Emily.Tex tracks down the man and depending on his actions will save Emily or let her die.Either way Dag takes her puzzle box and hides it in the sewers with a tracker set on it and a proximity mine next to it.Murphy eventually tracks down and cornered Dag waiting for a speeder on the rooftop of Rusty's Funhouse and after a scuffle kills him when he throws him off the roof.Tex takes off his mask to reveal his face.Later on after recounting the events with MacMulden Tex finds the tracking device that was dropped on the roof during the fight,locates the box and deactivates the mine.When Jackson Cross apprehends Tex he steals the box and puts it in the safe room at AUTOTEC and also states there cover story:that Dag was investigating illegal drug trafficking at the Fuschia Flamingo and that Emily wasnt in any real danger.

Dag Horton dead face

Dag Horton unmasked after his death

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