Gary Lee
AliasesCrazy Gary
Biographic Information
DiedBetween 2043 and 2050
Appears inThe Pandora Directive
Tesla Effect (mentioned only)
Played bySteve Barnes

Crazy Gary is a sermoner who rants vehemently against the consumption of meat. He is seen usually around Chandler Avenue, as in the alley behind the Golden Gate Hotel, "like a space-age Moses strung out on Demerol and bad scotch". He started a war against businesses like Brew & Stew but Louie Lamintz knew nobody takes him seriously.

Tex Murphy got close to him, when they found out they both love the consumption of vegetables and grains, "especially fermented ones". Of the blessed potations Gary prefers a single-malt scotch. Tex brought him a bottle of first-rate stash, imported illegally by Sal Lucido.

After helping getting Clint out of his chocolate addiction (but did pass on his scotch addiction) he passed away by 2050.


Lo, in thy folly, thou shalt turn to antacids and bismuth and every variety of laxative. Ye shall cry out, 'We should have had the salad!' but thy belly is stained with A-1 and there is cholesterol in thy arteries.

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