Count St. Germaine
Biographic Information
Appears inTesla Effect
Played byJason Tatom

Count St. Germaine stays at the Golden Gate Hotel in 2050. He asks Rook about the Tesla Cache and has had a deep interest not only in Tesla but also about the concepts of reincarnation to which believes Tex to the current incarnation of J.T. Donnelly. He claims to offer Tex memory regression therapy in order to remember his past lives. Shortly before meeting Tex he had been in contact with Margaret Leonard where he traded notes and information on Nikola Tesla. Although he is not a member of any groups per se, he has knowledge on the Tesla Legacy Society and the White Guard of whom he is linked via Ariel. He seeks the Tesla Egg mainly to observe it and of course stop the construction of the Immortal Coil.

In the novels

His name is spelt Germain in Tex Murphy and the Tesla Effect. His role is very similar as in the video game. But he also bails a million dollars for Mantus in a plot not appearing in the game.

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