Charles Johansson
AliasesThe Translator
ProfessionFBI agent
Biographic Information
Bornc 1980[1]
Died2013 (Put in cryochamber)
March 2050
FamilyMargaret Leonard (wife)
Chelsee Bando (daughter)
Appears inTesla Effect
Played bySteve Valentine

Charles Johansson was an FBI agent who stole the Tesla Cache in about 2011-2012. While the authorities never found any proof that he did steal the cache, he did quit the FBI and joined the Tesla Legacy Society shortly afterwards. His dream was to complete the works of Tesla.

Some time later he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. While many people assumed he had died, he was preserved in a cryogenic state. While he was in the cryochamber, his wife established contact with him using the Spirit Radio. She didn't believe it was safe to bring him out of the cryosleep, but Dalton Fiske tried to persuade her. In the end, Gideon Enterprises was too impatient and Masion completed the reanimation.

After getting out of the freeze, he encountered deformities like other morlocks. He put on a mask and started using the name The Translator as he believed he knew the will of Tesla. His next goal was to build the Immortal Coil, a celestial gateway connecting Heaven and Earth. Most other members thought this was madness and decided to ban him from the society. Shortly after he decided to coup the Tesla Facility killing all who apposed him, including Mantus' wife.

After having built the Immortal Coil, he acquired the Tesla Egg from Tex Murphy, and Spirit Frequencies for the Spirit Radio. Tex managed to make the coil destroy itself, and Margaret Leonard spoke to Charles through the radio, luring him into the destruction of the coil.

Differences in the novelization

In Tex Murphy and the Tesla Effect Johansson is diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) instead of terminal cancer. He is also said to be the founding member of Tesla Legacy Society.

  1. Stated to be 33 years when he died in 2013, in Tesla Effect novel

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