Biographic Information
Died2042(death by cult virus)
HairBlack, long
NumberBastion Of Sanctioty
Appears inUnder a Killing Moon and novelization
Played byRussel Means

Chameleon was a Native American shaman who masters the ability of shapeshifting. He was an agent of the Brotherhood of Purity.


He is seen at the end of Day 1 in the Bastion of Sanctity, talking with an unseen Lowell Percival.


Chameleon mugs Tex

As Countess Renier he hired Tex Murphy to steal the crystal bird from Eddie Ching. However when he was ready to deliver it to the Countess, Chameleon showed up and hit him, stealing the statuette. Pug witnessed the event and told Tex about it.

On Day 4 the Chameleon killed Pug and stuffed his head into Tex's office cooler and left a warning message to him and stand away from their plans.

Chameleon dies

On Day 5, Chameleon took the form of Tex Murphy and kidnapped Alaynah Moore who was hiding at the Roadside Motel. He took her at the Bastion of Sanctity. However Tex managed to poison him with a viral powder, the same one with which the Brotherhood planned to annihilate life on Earth.

Chameleon was expected at the Broken Skull bar to meet Ferrel Pus. Tex claimed to come in his place.


See Jacques Fou

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