Carlos Maldonado
Aliases«The Undercover Man»
ProfessionPrivate Investigator
Biographic Information
DiedMarch 2050
Appears inTesla Effect
Played byDan Strong

Carlos Maldonado is a rival private investigator in Chandler Avenue. His motto is: "No deed too dirty, no job unworthy and always dirt cheap!" He is found dead in an apartment above the electronic shop, with surveillance equipment fixed on Tex's apartment, and other locations in Chandler Avenue.

Mojo describes him as The guy you hire to take photos of your cheating wife, while he describes Tex as The guy you hire to beat the crap out of the guy you catch with your wife. Most other people seems to dislike him. Maldonado worked with Mason Bauers to trap Margaret Leonard who he thought had double crossed him.He knew that sooner or later she would show up at Tex's(who ironically was the real traitor as he was going to sell out Margaret and Mason for $50,000 - 30 pieces of silver) and inform him of her when she did appear.Tex is offered $5,000 to work peacefully with Maldonado who rents a room over the Electronics Shop to carry out his surveillance.During this time he tries aggressively bribe Rook Garner in order to find the source of his Tesla items whom they believe to be Margaret When she did he informed Bauers of her arrival and when she died of a fatal coronary Maldonado had to decapitate her and put her in head in cryo chamber which was to be sent to Thompson Ault for safe keeping.This was done so Bauers could extract the secrets she held about the Tesla Cache.During the melee that followed the capture of Bauers ,Carlos Maldonado is killed in either one of the two ways:one of the henchmen shoots him through the window and Maldonado stumbles back to his chair before dying, or the henchman makes his way up to the surveillance room and shoots him there instead while he is waiting for them to arrive.

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