Cal Davis
Biographic Information
Diedc. September 2033
ResidenceSanta Barbara
Mean Streets information
NAV codeNC 3720 (lab)
Appears inMean Streets
Played byUnknown

Cal Davis (Santa Barbara, NC 3720) was an investigational psychologist noted scientist. He was a professor at the University of California at Davis. He wrote the book Control of Primate behavior through Microchip Technology. He was paid by MTC to work for the Overlord project.

He had a chimp to whom he installed a control microchip to his temporal lobe and control his aggressive tendencies through electrical stimuli and eventually install one in hippocampus and manipulate behavior and movements. At the optical cortex he manages to control visual images to the brain, pleasure and pain, but one of his subject dies of seizure and aneurism. By July his experiments resulted in total brain control, death or permanent brain damage.

Then he was instructed to test the procedure on a human and he denied to have any part. Then Big Jim Slade came to execute him.

He was discovered by his friend, Aaron Sternwood, who came to go out with him. He found him with hands on his neck shouting "checkmate". According to Police Det Smiley Monroe he mistook Cyanide 631 for Diet Coke sitting next to it.


Cal Davis' lab after his death

Vanessa finds a newspaper article stating:

Noted scientist Dr. Cal Davis was found dead at his Santa Barbara Home <NC 3720> Saturday. Cal Davis, who coincidentally had been a professor at the university of California at Davis, dies of an overdose of Cyanide 631.

According to police detective Smiley Monroe of the Santa Barbara Police Department <NC 3614>, Dr. Davis must have accidentally grabbed a flask of Cyanide 631 instead of the diet coke sitting next to it. Although diet coke and Cyanide have some similar properties, the main ingredient of Cyanide is toxic and killed Mr. Davis within minutes. A close friend, Aaron Sternwood discovered Dr. Davis on his laboratory floor.

'I can't believe it. He never drank poison before. He should try to be more careful. When I found him, he was gasping for breath. He mumbled some chess term, and then he was gone', said Sternwood. Funeral services are pending.