Bosworth Clark
Biographic Information
BirthplaceSan Manuel, AZ
DiedSeptember 2033 (Old timeline)
November 7 2039 (New timeline)
FamilyHarriet Wagner (wife)
five children
ResidenceDeath Valley
Mean Streets information
NAV codeNC 9932
Appears inMean Streets
Tex Murphy: Overseer
Played byDouglas Vandegrift

Mean Streets


Bosworth Clark dead in his lab

Bosworth Clark is an eccentric scientist who works with satellites. He has several insurance policies from Peter Dull.

He called Frank Schimming saying he had something very important to talk about but Schimming dismissed him.

Big Jim Slade went to his laboratory and strangled him for $5000. Tex Murphy came later and found him dead but found a lead to Big Surf Hotel.


Bosworth Clark shares a similar background where he works with satellites and were employed at AT&T. He started a swing band called "The Consultants of Swing" in 2022.

His murder is documented on a security tape where he is forced to play Russian roulette by Big Jim Slade.