Professor Perriman teaches history at the Jerry Rice building at the University of San Francisco. His office is at room 319.

When he was a student in Vienna, he was doing research for his doctorate in a library. In a dusty volume on German folklore he came across an ancient manuscript mentioning the "Brotherhood of Purity" and "Secret Doctrine".

When he returned to take another look at the book and the parchment, they had mysteriously disappeared. Since that day, I have been absorbed in learning the history behind the contents of the parchment.

During 2042 he met Colonel Roy O'Brien who asked his help on the history of the Brotherhood of Purity.


He is described as a large man with a feral beard with black streaks on it, red blotched cheeks and bulbous nose. He smokes a pipe and prefers the Captain Gold smoke. His office has piles and mounds of books and papers.

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