The Bastion of Sanctity is a special place for the Brotherhood of Purity. A rich guy (obviously Lowell Percival himself) was rumored to have brought the ruins of an ancient European castle and built this in a forested area, situated at Long. 122°47'11" Lat. 41°28'6". It was dominated by a large main area with a fireplace, surrounded by a corridor.

It is where Percival was seen giving orders to Chameleon.

When the Chameleon kidnapped Alaynah Moore he brought her there, suspended inside a laser field. Tex Murphy found the location in Marcus Tucker's notes, and rescued her after killing the Chameleon.

One of the walls is adorned with a figure that resembles the Bocca della Verità (thouht to represent a Roman sea god) which Tex things resembles his uncle.

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