Biographic Information
RaceCaucasian, Norm
Appears inTesla Effect
Played byShannon Engemann

Ariel is a member of the secret organization "The White Guard" based in St.Petersburg and had joined forces with Count St. Germaine when she became interested in the sudden disappearance of the founding members of the Tesla Legacy Society. Both her and Tex had a fling in New Mexico in 2040 without Tex knowing her real occupation as a spy.She pretended to be Mason Bauers's wife when she met Tex in order to test his loyalty to the cause of the White Guard, and thus the destruction of the Immortal Coil.

She attempts to seduce Tex at a seaside resort and if she is successful, Tex sleeps with her and she gives him the key to the sewers on Chandler Avenue where he encounters Morlocks as well as a fortune telling machine that leads him to the Blue Dragon Warehouse in Chinatown where he meets the brunette White Russian guard member from the videophone message earlier on and items related to JT Donnelly. Once he leaves he is informed by Archie of the location of the Swamp House. Otherwise Taylor will reveal the location of the Swamp House if he is loyal to her and if he is loyal to Cehlsee or simply brushes off all three women Archie will once again provide the location of the mansion.Later she arrives at the scene of the Immortal Coils destruction and intimidates Danwicz into letting Murphy go revealing herself to also be an NSA agent. Whether she is really an NSA too or merely posing as one to keep the existence of the White Guard secret is debatable. She then inducts Tex as a member of the secret organization and then pursues a relationship with him.

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