Ardo newpop
Ardo is a mentally-challenged mutant, a giant of 400 pounds and 8 feet he is like an overgrown kid. He gets furious when confused. He works the front desk at the Golden Gate Hotel.

He is a fan of the Inspector Burns Fire Safety Show, which he watches wearing his fire hat, and the Inspector Burns Fire Safety Manual he buys from Chelsee Bando. Once he asked Rook Garner if he had any Inspector Burns action figures and because Rook did not know this character, Ardo looked at him as if tearing his head off. He visits the Slice O'Heaven pizza for the all-you-can-eat buffet but since he almost eats everything they got, Francesca Lucido kicks him out.Ardo regularly eats at Louies Brew 'n' Stew and would eat steak and chocolate milk.He used to bother Clint but when he got Clint chocolate syrup the two started to get along.

Ardo is paid by Sal Lucido to prevent Tex from ever entering any of the rooms at the hotel but he is easily tricked by Tex impersonating Inspector Burns, and allows him access to the Regency Escort Service Love Suite and collect evidence of Sal's infidelity.

Despite Ardo's obsession with Inspector Burns, the Hotel shuts down for inadequate fire safety measures.By 2050 he has become a state senator in California winning on a campaign based on fire safety.

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