Archibald Ellis
Biographic Information
Appears inThe Pandora Directive
Tesla Effect
Played byBill Bradshaw

Archibald Ellis is a conspiracy and UFO buff. He runs the Cosmical Connection at 413 Vina del Mar.

At one point he contacted Lucia Pernell in order to run an article on the CC but their encounter did not turn out well.

One of his contacts is legendary author Elijah Witt, who set up an interview between Ellis and Dr. Thomas Malloy. After his first meeting with Tex a black speeder is seen outside his place which Tex realizes is a threat to his life when he reaches Area 51. His shop is searched by the NSA and if Tex warns him about the danger he leaves for the night to find it trashed the next day and after the Pandora Directive Case goes into hiding in a tropical island surrounded by women in bikinis. He returns to San Fransisco and sets up a shop on Chandler Avenue to be close to Tex. In the non canon ending if Tex doesn't warn him he is killed by a bullet to the head by Jackson Cross that very night. His place was previously raided when a box sent to him by Malloy, believed by Tex to be a fake box sent as a diversion was stolen from its hiding place.

In 2050 he aids Tex by giving him the backstory to Margaret Leonard, Charles Johansson and Nikola Tesla. If Tex is loyal to Chelsee it is Archie that directs him to the mansion where Mantis resides. Further stating that the recent activity of Morlocks that occurred in town due to Margarets presence at the Ritz moved to the mansions location once she died.


According to what he was telling to Larry, he believes that throughout the 1950s the Russians mad a well-documented contact with aliens. Also, the aliens were responsible for Kennedy's death before he exposed them, and also that Lyndon B. Johnson was under their control (if not one of them). The Vietnam war was only a ruse to divert the public attention and throw the American political system into chaos. He wrote a book called An Alien Home Companion.

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